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Bootstrap Rewards

As outlined in The Root Network whitepaper, we reward up to 10% of the total supply of ROOT tokens over 260 weeks as a bootstrap to early backers.

Stakers, nominators, and validators are rewarded ROOT based on ROOT staked by duration for the reward cycle. Rewarded ROOT is transferred into The Vortex and paid out in Vortex tokens at the end of the reward cycle.

EraA 24-hour period. For each Era, validators are selected by voting to do the work.
ExtrinsicThe term extrinsic is generally used to mean any information that originates outside of the runtime. However, for practical purposes, it is more useful to consider each transaction type independently and identify scenarios where each type would be most applicable.
Network FeesFees from DEX, marketplaces, communication protocols, material world and other experiences, and paying gas on the network.
Network TokensThese are tokens used on the network to pay gas and network fees.
NominatorA participant who stakes ROOT and chooses to nominate one or more validators. This is a higher risk (see Slashing) and comes with a higher reward relative to staking.
Reward CycleA 90-day period. At the end of the reward cycle, participants are rewarded proportionally to their participation level.
ROOTThe token used to power The Root Network.
SlashingThis is the risk validators and nominators take on. It happens when a validator misbehaves e.g., the validator node becomes unavailable. Slashed ROOT is transferred to the Treasury.
StakerA participant who stakes ROOT and doesn’t nominate a validator. It is a lower risk and comes with lower rewards relative to nominating.
ValidatorRole performed by more technically-minded participants. Validators forge blocks and complete transactions on the network. Requires technical knowledge and infrastructure cost and comes with higher rewards for taking on additional risks. Becoming a validator is not currently available.
The Vortex

This is where all fees collected on the network are stored. It also includes the ROOT from Bootstrap Rewards.

Tokens in The Vortex should generally go up. It decreases when people unroll their Vortex token. In this case, they get their proportion from The Vortex.

For example, if you unroll 10 Vortex tokens and there are 100 Vortex tokens in circulation, you have 10% of the market supply. By unrolling, you get back 10% of all tokens in The Vortex at that time.

Vortex Tokens

Participants on The Root Network are rewarded with Vortex tokens.

Vortex tokens are backed by the underlying tokens in The Vortex.

They are tradable on DEX, assuming there is a liquidity pool with a pair of your choice.

Work Points

Work points are earned by validators for doing work to complete blocks and transactions on the network.

As a nominator, you earn a percentage commission of Work points your selected validators earn. For more details on how they work, see Tokenomics.