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Keep track of every change to The Root Network.

This changelog lists all additions and updates to the The Root Network API, in chronological order.

January 23, 2024


This release introduces the following changes:

  • Introduced NFT marketplace precompile, enabling the trading of NFTs on the marketplace via Solidity interface at 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000006CD.
  • Unified RPC call to get balance for Root and other assets.
  • Added a ability to include sourceTag and destinationTag for XRPL withdraw (bridging TRN->XRPL).
  • Added ability to burn ERC721 assets via precompile.
  • Implemented fixes for tate fork script.
  • Updated self-contained call interfaces (future PR pre-req)
  • Fixed ERC20 precompile to validate maintenance mode restrictions.
  • Added a delay mechanism for large XRPL bridging transactions.
  • Updated bootnode list for Porcini and Root in the chainspec.
  • Optimized gas required for contract deployment by removing fees
  • Added a fix for ERC20 precompile asset existence verification.

January 29, 2024


This release introduces the following changes:

  • Updated root_human.json
  • Updated the bootnodes list for both Root and Porcini

December 7, 2023


This release introduces the following changes:

  • Fixed a few bugs in the VortexDistribution pallet

December 5, 2023


This release introduces the following changes:

  • Optimised XRPL pruning by moving pruning logic into on_idle.

  • Reduced the collection royalty entitlements limit from 8 to 6. Caution: This change does not migrate any existing collections. However, if collections contain royalties with more than 6 entitlements, it is advised to reduce this number to avoid issues with marketplace support.

  • Added maintenance mode pallet which allows the sudo key to block calls, pallets, accounts, EVM addresses, or enter the whole chain into maintenance mode.

  • Added some helpful extrinsics to AssetsExt for mint, transfer and burn which route to the balances or assets pallet based on the AssetId.

  • Added the ability to set the asset deposit for creating a new asset at runtime.

  • Restricted Asset decimals to maximum 18 DP when creating a new asset.

  • Reverted dual staking functionality in favor of a more generic single-token staking mechanism.

  • Continuous improvements to our test environment, which should increase the speed at which we can write unit tests.

November 15, 2023


This release exclusively addresses the following changes to the Vortex Distribution pallet:

  • Changed pay_unsigned to mint directly to the vault account. This simplification streamlines the distribution process by eliminating intermediate steps.
  • Removed the requirement to specify an amount when creating a new vortex distribution. The TotalVortex will now be utilized to manage the aggregated reward pool dynamically.
  • The price parameter has been temporarily deprecated as it is not currently utilized in the distribution logic.
  • Removed the vault parameter from the function signature. The vault will now be funded manually prior to reward distribution.
  • Removed the obsolete get_vault_account function, as account management will be handled more efficiently with the new logic.
  • Consolidated root and multisig operations, simplifying the administrative process.
  • Set root vault and fee vault addresses to fixed values to ensure consistency and security across transactions.

November 15, 2023


  • Fixed an issue in gas calculation of the ERC-20 precompile. It now charges the correct amount:
    • transfer should cost ~ 317,060 drops
    • transferFrom should cost ~ 358,396 drops
  • Added an admin extrinsic set_length_multiplier, allowing control of the gas scaling by the length of the transaction.
  • Introduced public mint functionalities for NFT and SFT pallets enabling any account to mint tokens from the enabled collections:
    • Disabled by default, it needs to be enabled with the toggle_public_mint extrinsic.
    • Mint fee can be set using the set_mint_fee extrinsic.
  • Added Vortex token distribution pallet, facilitating the distribution of Vortex tokens at the end of a 90 day cycle:
    • Asset prices are calculated off-chain and provided with the use of an admin function set_asset_prices.
    • Token distribution amounts can be specified per account using the admin function register_rewards.
    • Vortex distribution is calculated, and tokens are minted through the admin function trigger_vtx_distribution.
    • Vortex payout is enabled through the use of an admin function start_vtx_dist.
    • Users can manually claim their tokens through the extrinsic, redeem_tokens_from_vault.
  • Enabled bridging of ROOT token through existing ERC20-Peg. This differs from standard ERC20 bridging, as it transfers tokens to and from the erc20-peg pallet address rather then burning/minting on demand.
  • Disabled submit_challenge extrinsic on the ETH bridge.