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On-Chain Assets

The Root Network allows you to create digital assets and tokens that can be used and exchanged across different applications, experiences and destinations in the open metaverse.

Our on-chain assets protocols support existing industry standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 and XLS-20, ensuring that digital assets remain compatible with a diverse range of metaverse applications and experiences. However, we provide additional functionality and enhanced user experience by connecting these to our in-chain runtimes. By leveraging these common standards, we promote seamless interoperability across the entire web3 ecosystem, providing users with a unified and frictionless experience.

Next Steps

To support on-chain assets protocol, we have several pallets that you can utilize in your dapp:

assets pallet (ERC-20 Standard)

nft pallet (ERC-721 Standard)

sft pallet (ERC-1155 Standard)


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