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Any-token Gas

Users can pay gas fees using any approved token or have them covered by developers. The Root Network introduces an innovative any-token economy, streamlining user onboarding and enhancing the gas fee system for both users and validators.

This distinctive approach simplifies user onboarding by allowing users to utilize the native token of an application or enabling developers to manage fees on users' behalf. The Root Network seamlessly converts any configured token into the default gas token, ensuring user flexibility without the need to comprehend the network's intricate economy or engage with exchanges.

Moreover, The Root Network distinguishes the staking token from the gas token, addressing challenges related to high or fluctuating network fees and resolving the issue of inadequate liquidity for incentivizing node operators.

Next Steps

The any-token gas protocol is encapsulated in the feeProxy pallet on-chain. To start utilizing this feature in your dapp, check out:


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