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Install Native API


A utility package that complements the @polkadot/api to connect and interact with the Root Network node.


yarn add @polkadot/api @therootnetwork/api
yarn add -D @therootnetwork/api-types # optional, for Typescript support


  • Create an API instance
import "@therootnetwork/api-types"; // optional, for Typescript support
import { ApiPromise } from "@polkadot/api";
import { getApiOptions, getPublicProvider } from "@therootnetwork/api";

const api = await ApiPromise.create({
  • Use api instance to interact with node
// query and display account data
const data = await api.query.system.account("0xE04CC55ebEE1cBCE552f250e85c57B70B2E2625b");


function getApiOptions()

Returns an ApiOptions object that contains necessary types and rpc methods to connect The Root Network.

function getPublicProvider(network: NetworkName, useWsProvider?: boolean)

Returns a provider instance of either WsProvider or HttpProvider that connects to TRN mainnet "root" or testnet "porcini".