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The Root Network is a public decentralized blockchain network optimized for metaverse and game-fi applications. It is the core blockchain infrastructure for the Futureverse ecosystem and is specifically designed to provide a seamless onboarding experience for new web3 users.

Main Features

L1 BlockchainThe Root Network is a Layer 1 blockchain, a critical foundation responsible for maintaining the integrity of the ledger, validating transactions and executing the magic of smart contracts, and is designed to deliver a seamless user experience for metaverse applications.
Integrated EVMThe Root Network provides full support for Solidity smart contracts, enabling any code previously written for Ethereum to run natively on The Root Network.
On-Chain AssetsDigital collectibles, assets and tokens can be created with industry-leading standards for an enhanced user experience on The Root Network. They can be used and exchanged across different applications, experiences and destinations in the open metaverse.
In-Chain ExchangeWith the In-Chain Exchange on The Root Network, developers can create liquidity for their digital assets without having to deploy code. Trade assets, build liquidity pools, and launch token price discovery without having to deploy smart contract code.
On-Chain Collectible ProtocolCreate and trade digital collectibles quickly and easily with network-enforced royalties. The Root Network’s built-in digital collectibles protocol allows users to create new collectibles and collections without having to deploy smart contracts.
Any-Token GasThe Root Network has a unique any-token economy designed to simplify user onboarding and optimize the gas fee economy for both users and validators.
Identity ProtocolCreate, own and manage your own digital identity using The Root Network. Our native identity protocol enables a secure web2-like authentication experience allowing users to establish a persistent and secure digital identity that can be used across multiple metaverse applications and experiences.
Cross-Chain BridgeThe Root Network natively supports asset bridges to power both the transfer and referencing of fungible assets, non-fungible assets and arbitrary data between blockchains.